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Linn Klimax DS Player

For 35 years Linn have pioneered cutting edge performance for source audio components from the introduction of the LP12 transcription turntable in 1972 and now, the recent launch of the LP12 SE upgrades has taken the performance of vinyl replay to new heights.

The introduction of the CD12 player in 1999 offered a new standard for CD replay and now the launch of the Klimax DS digital processor re-defines the quality of music reproduction available.

Photos DS Rear -- Front Panel -- DS/NAS Storage

What makes it special?
By eliminating the jitter, distortion, noise and error correction present within transport mechanisms and freeing themselves from CD reading boundaries, Linn have created an open source component limited only by the quality of the signal applied making the Klimax DS the highest performance digital music player in the world. A ground-breaking product with the performance to transform how music is experienced in the same way as the Linn Sondek LP12 did 35 years ago.

The Klimax DS digital music player is the new Linn reference-standard source component and the first authentic hi-fi product to stream digital music over a standard home network. In true Linn ‘the source comes first’ tradition, the Klimax DS improves the performance of any hi-fi system.

A breakthrough product, the Klimax DS is also completely open in terms of digital music formats and control. The DS supports the highest quality open formats (including FLAC and WAV) and plays all high quality audio sample rates and bit depths natively, this means studio master quality currently 24bit up to 192Kz. Controllable through open standards, the Klimax DS is also software upgradeable to ensure that future high quality open formats and control methods can be supported.
With your CD or downloaded music collection stored separately on a secure, reliable and upgradeable networked hard drive array, you can quickly and easily access and control your music through a hand-held wireless touch screen or capable wi-fi device like an iTouch.

Klimax DS available now - Price £11900
Available in Black or Silver.

**Installation is included free of charge within the M25, mileage charges at a current rate of 40p/mile for delivery outside this area may apply. This offer may not be available from other dealers. The warranty includes our inclusive five year full parts & labour cover warranty when registered with Linn, Standard service charges will apply for subsequent years.

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