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Linn Katalyst - It's a Night and day difference

Katalyst - It's a night and Day difference

Katalyst: Re-defining digital to analogue conversion

Linn's 4th generation Digital to Analogue Conversion architecture takes digital music reproduction to a new level of performance.

The critical elements involved in the conversion of the digital information in to the analogue signal that we hear have been transformed by the implementation of greater controls over the analogue signal creation.

The first of these innovations is the reduction in noise from -121dB to -137dB which is a massive increase, especially if you understand that for every 3dB = there is a halving in volume. This results in the Katalyst DAC being 32 times quieter than any other DAC currently being used in the audio domain.

This is how Katalyst compares.

Katalyst - It's a night and Day difference

Now add the elements of Katalyst and its revolutionary use of three applications of technology as shown below:

Reference Level Voltage:- Completely isolated from noise, results in signal amplitude without variation.
Data Optimisation:- Prepares the digital signal for conversion with greater accuracy, minimising errors before the conversion process begins
Master Clock:- High precision clock with its own independent power supply, ensures greater timing accuracy.

Katalyst - It's a night and Day difference

The end result is very similar to the experience of listening to your music late at night. There is less noise in the mains power supply as well as less ambient noise from outside sources. This means the ability for the music to appear more focussed, controlled and easier to understand. In essence it removes a veil of noise and brings you closer to the music.

It just keeps getting better!

Klimax DS and DSM now come fitted with a new Ultra-Low Distortion output driver that prepares the delicate analogue signal for transmission, reducing its susceptibility to noise and degradation. As we say

"it's a night and day difference!"

Katalyst is now being fitted to all Klimax DS and DSM products to give you that extra enjoyment or is available as an upgrade kit for all existing users.

Klimax DS Katalyst upgrade...................... £3800

Klimax DSM Katalyst upgrade................... £4200

Klimax DS to DSM Katalyst upgrade.......... £8800

Katalyst comes to Exakt

Now the huge improvements of Katalyst are available for Exakt owners for both Klimax Exakt loudspeakers and Klimax Exaktbox.

Klimax Exakt 350 Katalyst upgrade .... £6800 pair

Klimax Exaktbox Katalyst upgrade ......£3400 each

All upgrades are now are available to order.

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