Exakt- The source is in the Speaker

ExaKt - A digital to analogue conversion breakthough

In most audio systems the digital source file normally in the form of a lossless (a file that can be reproduced again and again without degradation) file like .wav for high quality or a lossy (a file that gradually degrades each time it is reproduced -.MP3) file for lower quality is converted into an analogue (waveform) signal that is presented to the loudspeaker crossover.

It is then split into frequencies that each loudspeaker driver (Bass, Mid, Treble) can reproduce. During all these stages various elements of distortion can and do degrade the signal. Some components do not only loose information but change it. So the end result is not a faithful reproduction of the original.

ExaKt takes the digital signal and splits it while in the digital domain pushing it all the way to the speaker where it is then converted and delivered to individual precision matched drive units, keeping much more of the precious audio cargo intact.

Take a closer look:

Linn Exakt - How it works from Linn on Vimeo.

So as you can see the signal is not only preserved closer to its virgin state, the system can be optimised to suit your room characteristics and then fine tuned uniquely for your home.

That’s where we come in or rather our training and experience together can help deliver a captivating sound system personalised like your home – just for you. Please call or email our sound advisors to arrange a personal audition to allow you to appreciate how an Exakt unchanging signal could change how much more you can appreciate your music.


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