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Sonos Multi-room Music System

The Wireless Home Sound System

Sonos speakers fill your entire home with music. Use one app to stream different music in different rooms. Or send one song all through the house.

Bringing you all your music in one app

One simple app brings together all your favourite music services, and lets you control everything – from songs to volume to rooms.

In any room or every room at once.

Play a different song in the living room, bedroom, even kitchen, or the same track in every room. Add your existing music services or discover something new.

Sonos Play Range. Integrated solutions for Music anywhere

Play 1: The mini home speaker with mighty sound. £199

Fits in any space, fills any room with a surprisingly rich sound despite its size.
Use two PLAY:1s as a stereo pair or for surround speakers in a Sonos Home Cinema Set up. Wall or stand mountable.

Play 3: The versatile mid-size home speaker. £299

Fits perfectly in tall and narrow, or short and wide spaces. Stereo sound. Intense and immersive, with surprisingly deep bass for a speaker its size.
Vertical or horizontal, the sound is always amazing. Use two PLAY:3s as a stereo pair or for surround speakers in a Sonos Home Cinema Set up. Wall or stand mountable.

Play 5: Sonos biggest home speaker with the boldest sound. £499

Fills a large room with bold, pure, dynamic sound and a deep intense bass that really packs a punch. Uncompromised sound whether vertical or horizontal. Convenient, ultra-responsive top panel touch controls an a Line input to plug in any device you want.

Playbar: The home cinema soundbar and music streaming speaker in one. £699

Two-in-one. Adds cinema sound for your TV and streams music too. Simple two-cable setup. One connects to the power. One connects to your TV. Works with your existing TV remote. Syncs wirelessly with SUB and two PLAY:1s for surround sound. Works lying flat or wall-mounted.

Sonos SUB. The subwoofer for Sonos speakers. £699

Adds dramatically deeper bass to any Sonos speaker (or amplified component).
Zero cabinet buzz or rattle.Versatile. Place it anywhere. Standing up or lying flat.
One-button setup.

Sonos Connect Range. Add Sonos to your existing system

Sonos Connect.Turn your stereo or home cinema into a music streaming system. £349

Brings music streaming to the audio equipment you already own. Features analogue, optical and coaxial digital audio outputs.Audio line-in. Plug in any device you desire.
Play your amplified turntable through your Sonos system. Stream your CDs and LPs to Sonos speakers in other rooms.

Sonos Connect Amp.The amplified music streaming upgrade for your favourite stand-alone speakers. £499

Brings music streaming to your favourite indoor or outdoor speakers. Built-in 55 W per channel amplifier powers large or small speakers. RCA line-in for connecting a range of playback sources. Subwoofer line-out.

All the music on earth. And then some.

Streaming music services.

Free. Premium. Curated. On-demand. The list of streaming music services on Sonos keeps growing. Some names like Spotify, Apple Music and Napster you’ll recognise right away. Others may be less familiar, but still worth exploring. Remember, music services vary by region so click for details to find out if it’s playing in your area.
Already subscribed to a music service? Great. Just add it to your system using the Sonos app, sign in, and play it out loud for the entire house to enjoy

Internet radio stations and podcasts

With TuneIn Radio, listen to over 100,000 free pre-loaded local and international radio stations, shows and podcasts streaming from every continent.

Your library

Play all of your digital music from up to 16 PC, Macs, phones, tablets, and even storage devices on your home network.

At Billy Vee we have a wealth of experience with Sonos whether its integrating it with your existing system or creating a multi room solution. We have all Sonos components on permanent demonstration and there is no better way to experience Sonos first hand than visit our showroom. You can get some hands on experience and our fully trained team can assist you to achieve the perfect solution.

Always available to demonstrate. Call 020 8318 5755 or mail


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