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Future Sounds

When we moved from vinyl to CD many people raised a cheer. No more getting up to turn the record over. We are now getting used to not even doing that. A new breed of products is arriving like those featured here – join the revolution, the vinyl album may just last longer than the CD.

BILLY VEE SOUND SYSTEMS Sonos Multi-room Music System
The Wireless Home Sound System! Fill Your Entire Home with Music.   more more

BILLY VEE SOUND SYSTEMS NAS (Network storage) – store and access your music
The Linn DS range of products need NAS storage unless you want your computer on all the time and we can provide a solution for you configured to your needs.    more more

BILLY VEE SOUND SYSTEMS Linn Sneaky Music DS - Network Player
is an attractive network music player with onboard amplifier adding more flexibility.   more more

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