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A Sneaky Statement

A sneaky statement from Linn

The first sneaky preview of the Sneaky Music DS was held in Waltham, Massachusetts in the USA on Tuesday 8th April at a regular Tech evening and Gilad Tiefenbrun - technical director at Linn had this to say.

"Sneaky Music DS is our first player to add power amps inside i.e. a one-box solution that is ideal as either your first step in a do-it-yourself home networked audio system, or as an affordable way to add extra rooms, or to upgrade from budget networked audio players. It costs $2,000 (£995).

Our by-word on our technology platform is "Open" i.e. we want to embrace the most open standards for control interfaces (UPnP seems best), networking (TCP/IP Ethernet) and formats (FLAC seems best). We built on top of the open source RTEMS kernel, added multi-threading and TCP/IP, and put that back into the open source. The guys at NASA were quite pleased! We are going to open source the GUI, including our own world-class UPnP stack. We'll have an open source site up-and-running soon, along with forums and on-line support."

You can see the whole blog here Dan Bricklin incidentally, for those who are interested, is the man credited with creating the first commercial spreadsheet VisiCalc in the 70's.

So you can expect a lot of development and add on software activity from Linn with this statement. The GUI (user interface) is basic at present but there are enhancements on the way and the pace is expected to accelerate in the next few months. We will be supporting our customers with our own support pages and regular eshots for registered customers of all DS products to keep you up to date.

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