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Who is Billy Vee?

Welcome to Billy Vee Sound Systems the site for sound ears. Billy Vee was born in 1976 at the end of the long hot summer and in case you are wondering, the name was taken from a truly awesome burgundy red Jaguar 5.3 litre Drophead V12 E type. Sadly the car was stolen in 1985 and the trail was followed to Sweden where it disappeared.

My name is Ian Anderson (No flute). I grew up in the glorious days of valve radiograms and Dansette record players where we just accepted that ' The message is more important than the medium' but as the years past, trying to get the best from my domestic setup was a hobby that became a calling. I worked from home for two years building the capital and, as I wasn't rich, I had to carefully select the products I sold. I operated from my living room and 30 years later not much has changed - because people still live that way, except - we now have two listening rooms laid out as domestic style living rooms above a shop reception and display area .

The shop opened in December 1976 - no mission statements - just three keywords: Performance - Reliability and affordability. Performance related directly to the products sonic abilities, not paper specifications, we had learned very early on to distrust these along with press reviews and suppliers claims with a passion. During the early eighties we moved to the present shop and now in the politically correct new millenium I suppose we could replace the word affordability with value for money and add an important factor for today's music enthusiast - Upgradeability. Add to rather than throw away - and we arrive at the building block approach. Another important advance in musical satisfaction - long term value.

Most people can identify a good sound when they hear it. They do not need to be an expert, better if they are not. Upon focusing on the music anybody can easily determine the differences that make a good or bad system. As one of our customers, a concise analysis of what you like and how you live your life will reveal a short list of products that may need deeper evaluation by comparing in the listening room. O.K.- are you ready for the big sales pitch? Reading reviews, talking to friends or even us are all good pointers but it's loads easier with our secret ingredient.

Most people who want to improve their system or buy a new one already have a substantial record/CD collection and all our top systems or add-ons have this one vital secret yet active ingredient. We guarantee you will hear 'things' in your music that you did not know were there before. Instruments, vocals, even melodies. A completely re-vitalized collection, every record you own, every CD, Album or radio broadcast you listen to. Interested? I was that's why I started Billy Vee, But - you don't have to give up your day job, to find out more go to services or, if you can, visit Billy Vee direct and hear how much more your music has to offer.

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