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HiFi & Home Cinema Specialist for Cheshire and beyond

Acoustica is one of the Uk's leading HiFi & Home Cinema retailers, having been in existance now for over 15 years. Our aim is simple: to provide the best in musical enjoyment from an audio system, regardless of budget, by careful choice of product, allied to expert set up and installation in the customer's own home.

We can supply the ultimate in Stereo systems and state of the art in Cinema systems - using both Projector and Flat Panel display units - to suit all budgets.

While we can try and offer as much advice as possible within the confines of the Internet, there is no real substitute for choosing by listening for yourself. Remember, what another person likes, may not be to your own personal preference.
Choosing a HiFi system is like choosing a great wine, or an exotic sports car; many are good, but not everyone will agree as to which is the best.